Suzan Hidding – Artist & Maker

So how do I work? I like to collect things, both from the industrial and the natural world. I give them a space where they can get to know each other, make conversation, feel how they interact. I arrange and rearrange them, and change the direction of their conversations. I sense a narrative and I make it up while working. Seeing what already seems to be there and then finding the right technique and material to translate.

My drawers are filled with experiments in technique, surface, form and color. Combining traditional materials like gold, silver and enamel, with industrial paint, wood and steel. But always aiming at a wearable and comfortable design.


  • Custom Work

    Do you like my style? With great pleasure I will design a unique piece perfect for you. To celebrate a birth or anniversary, a piece fabricated from dear heirlooms or a special commemorative piece. How does it work? You have a look at the collection and we discuss your wishes and technical possibilities. After I will draw up a few ideas you can choose from. The fabrication of this piece will take up to 4 weeks.
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