contemporary enamel

Enameling is one of the oldest forms of surface decoration, used to add color to jewelry without having to rely on gemstones. I make my own version of contemporary enamel jewelry, reinventing traditional techniques. The largest part of my collection consists of earrings, the love of my life!

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At its core, enamel is the fusion of powdered glass to metal. Enamel is a temperamental technique in which you fire each piece in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 650 to 900 celcius. Afterwords you remove the piece and allowe it to cool to room temperature. Subsequently coats, in different colors are applied. Sometimes a piece needs many firings to bring about the desired results. As a result the enamel can crack, or discolor. The damage can be irreparable and the piece considered a total loss. With that in mind, beautifully made enamel pieces feel that much more precious.


Cloisonné (“cell” in French) is the technique I use most. Having said that, as I often like to do, I did reinvent the technique for my own specific needs. With cloisonné you firstly use thin wires of fine silver or gold to outline a design, secondly you fill the design with enamel. Subsequently you place the piece in a kiln where the enamel melts. Cloisonné distincts itself because the individual wires remain visible, so forming an outline of the motif for my contemporary enamel jewelry.

a cselection of contemporary handmade earrings, made from silver, gold and enamel