contemporary handmade earrings

Earrings are the love of my life. They’re are the best type of jewelry to give or receive. For one thing, unlike rings for your finger, basically one size fits all. They’re easier to wear than a necklace, which requires coordination with the neckline of the dress, top or jacket it accompanies. In addition, they’re more eye-catching than bracelets: Even the most beautiful bangle can be overlooked on the wrist, while earrings, worn on either side of your face, are almost 100 percent guaranteed to be noticed, especially the stunning ones in KViKSØLV’s collection of contemporary handmade earrings.

Given this flexibility, all you need to consider in buying a pair of earrings is the look you, or the person you’re giving them to, want. Today, many earring silhouettes are fashionable.

Browse and shop KViKSØLV’S finest online collection of contemporary, handmade earrings. Whether you are seeking a pair of statement earrings to create an impact or a pretty pair of everyday studs. We have a wide-ranging collection to suit your unique aesthetic. Our handmade earrings feature an array of materials and techniques. Above all, all pieces at KViKSØLV are carefully crafted and a pleasure to live with.

Some of our most popular styles include enamel and gold earrings. Carefully crafted in our own version of the renowned cloisonné technique.We also offer a range of sterling silver earrings with an oxidized service treatment. They’re brightened with handpainted details. In contrast others come with a luminous bruched surface. Characterised by considered design and a distinct point of view. You won’t find these contemporary earrings in a traditional jewelry store.

a cselection of contemporary handmade earrings, made from silver, gold and enamel