dripdrop earrings peridot green


material: silver, 18K gold, enamel

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A cheerful pair of modern enamel earrings. The black and white stud earring supports you ear nicely. It gives free reign for the vibrant green drop to dangle. The dripdrop earrings come in sterling silver and 18k gold wire, filled with vitreous enamel.

Because every item is hand-made in a freeform manner, colours and details may vary from the item pictured. This is part of the personal story of your piece.

Do you love modern enamel earrings as much as I do? We have a wide-ranging collection to suit your unique aesthetic. Our handmade earrings feature an array of materials and techniques. Would you like to see more enamel earrings? Have a look here! Every piece at KViKSØLV is carefully crafted and made with love.

Because enamel actually is a thin layer of glas fired on a metal surface, it is fragile and needs to be worn with care. Therefore we suggest thinking of your enamel piece as glass. It’s better not to drop your piece, as this may result in chips in the surface.

The enamel components of your piece won’t change over time, so they won’t need any. If you want to clean the silver back you can easily use a silver dip.