falling drops earrings


material: sterling silver

length: 35mm

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Inspired by nature, this flattering pair of silver dew drop earrings hang delicately on the ear. The tiny pellets are handmade and sorted, then soldered together in a laborious process. They are available in silver, oxidized silver or gold. Looks stunning on it’s own but also paired with a matching ring.

Do you love earrings as much as I do? We have a wide-ranging collection to suit your unique aesthetic. Our handmade earrings feature an array of materials and techniques. Every piece at KViKSØLV is carefully crafted.

Because this is a handmade item, details may vary slightly. The process creates variations in texture, form and color that are unique to each item, therefore becoming a part of the personal story of your piece.

Sterling silver is a precious metal that tarnishes naturally over time. To clean silver jewellery we recommend using a silver dip. Silver dip is a specialized bath for silver jewellery that removes tarnish instantly and restores the original shine. Just dip it in, leave for 5 or 10 seconds and rinse with lots of water. Finally the piece should be dried with a soft cloth. This is something you can do yourself, but I’m also happy to do it for you. Please contact us here if you would like us to arrange this service for you.