hive earrings small


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Tiny butterfly earrings featuring a cascading hive. Metal is cut and folded like paper, combined in a playful and spontaneous way. These tiny butterfly earrings have been given a bleach treatment. Finally a finish in orange and light-blue enamel paint is applied.

Because I love asymmetrical earrings, the left and the right earring are different. On the one side they seem to fly away and drift apart, while the other ones cluster together like they are relishing the same flower.

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All of the pieces that you see in our online collection can be customised for your needs. Found a ring, but you’d rather it in gold? Would you prefer to change the color of the earrings, or have the silver oxidized? All adjustments are definitely possible. Just send us an email and together we’ll find the right option for you.

Because every item is hand-made, colours and details may vary slightly from the item pictured,  This is part of the personal story of your piece.

Sterling silver is a precious metal and may tarnish naturally over time. The tarnishing will be accelerated if it comes into contact with chlorine and bleach, hence these chemicals should be avoided. To clean silver jewellery that has a matte finish we recommend a silver dip. Silver dip is a specialized bath for silver jewellery that removes tarnish instantly and restores the original shine. Jewellery should be dipped into the solution for 5-10 seconds, removed, and rinsed in cool water. The piece should then be dried with a soft cloth.