from the northsea’ earrings


Materials: oxidized silver, 18k gold and enamel

Dimensions: 9 x 120 mm


I’ve always loved the feeling of strands of chain between my fingers. These oxidized silver long strand earrings, with a lenghth of about 12 cm, also have a wonderful tactile quality to them. When you move your head they brush against your cheek, inviting you to play with them. They’re a sheer delight. Just fresh of the bench, but these beauties will definitely become favourites in KViKSØLV’s collection. Featuring a beautiful deep sea colored enamel accent with cascading oxidized sterling silver strands of thin chain. They move beautifully and the tactile quality of the chain makes them a huge pleasure to wear. A must-have for any jewellery collector.

This series is realised through a spontaneous reaction to the materials, which creates outcomes that are never the same, reclaiming ready made parts as wearable sculptures. Thus creating contemporary jewellery that interacts beautifully with the wearer.