seed pod earrings


Material: 18K gold, silver, vitreous enamel
Size: 7 x 54 mm

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Inspired by nature, this flattering pair of drop earrings hangs delicately like a seed pod from a tree. The materials used for these seed pod earrings are sterling silver and 18k gold wire, filled with vitreous enamel

All of the pieces that you see in our online collection can be customised for your needs. Found a ring, but you’d rather it in gold? Would you prefer to change the color of these seed pod earrings, or have the silver oxidized? All adjustments are definitely possible. Just send us an email and together we’ll surely find the right option for you.

Because every item is hand-made, colours and details may vary slightly from the item pictured. This is part of the personal story of your piece.

Although in this case it is protected by the gold wire, enamel is glass and therefore it is fragile. Wear you enamel jewelry with care and avoid dropping your piece, as this may result in chips in the surface.

The enamel components of your piece won’t change over time, so they won’t need any cleaning. The silver will naturally and gradually tarnish over time. We recommend cleaning your piece with a soft silver cloth. Avoid silver dip, chemical or abrasive cleaners and hot water, as these may damage the piece.