shut your eyes and see, single enamel drop earring


Material: 18K gold wire, 18K white gold silver, vitreous enamel

Dimensions: 16 x30 mm



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Part of a series of single symbolic earrings. You can wear just one or match your own pair. It comes in 18K gold wire on textured silver filled with enamel. Transparent seagreen for the eye with a white enamel tear. The crying eye carries a fancy white golden pupil. Eyes are believed by some cultures to ward off evil.

The oldest form of jewelry is said to be the amulet. Our ancestors ascribed meaning and magic to feathers, bones and stones. They wore these “amulets” for protection or to enhance their strength, courage or sexual attraction. This series I see as a kind of modern day amulet.

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Every item on this side is handcrafted and made with love. Items can therefore differ slightly from the item pictured. This is part of the personal story of you piece but if you want to see more pictures of this item, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Enamel Care

Because enamel actually is a thin layer of glas fired on a metal surface, it is fragile and needs to be worn with care. Think of your enamel piece as glass. Avoid dropping your piece, especially on a stone or concrete floor, as this may result in chips in the surface. However, in this case the gold lines around the enamel protect it very well.

The enamel components of your piece won’t change over time, so they won’t need any cleaning. If you want to clean the silver back you can easily use a silver dip, or a foam.