somewhere over the rainbow, enamel necklace


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This cute rainbow neclace is part of a series of talismans, in the form of pendants or earrings. The materials for this piece are 18K gold wire on textured silver filled with enamel. Transparent pink for the rainbow with brown and raspberry shapes falling out.

The oldest form of jewelry is said to be the amulet. Our earliest ancestors ascribed meaning, and magic, to feathers, bones, stones and even tree bark. They wore or carried these amulets for protection or to protec them, or enhance their strength, courage or sexual attraction. Over time, these were replaced with symbolic objects: small replicas of animals, plants and, later, gods. And many more symbols have to come to life since, from pop culture to religion.

Because this is a handmade item, details may vary slightly. The process creates variations in texture, form and color that are unique to each item, therefore becoming a part of the personal story of your piece.